Land Use and Management in Western Europe

land use and managementOn the 18th and 19th of December of 2014 the University of Valencia will be hosting an international seminar on Land Use and Management in Western Europe (12th-15th centuries), the first of a series of meetings among medieval historians from various European countries interested in rural history. This series originates from a meeting held in Valencia in January 2014 with the goal of sharing the results of a research carried out in the last years by groups from different countries of Western Europe, from the UK to Italy, from the Netherlands and Belgium to France and Spain, on the rural world in the late Middle Ages, as well as to develop a common agenda for the coming years, which includes as a featured aspect seminars on specialized topics.

Enric Guinot and Josep Torró take part with the paper: “From the Conquest Large Donations to Plot Fragmentation: Emphyteutic Exploitation and Market of Rents in Valencia (13th-14th Centuries)”.

You can see more information in the conference’s web.