Andarella Canal excavation

During the spring of 2021, the archaeological excavation of an abandoned fragment of the Andarella canal took place in la Llum neighborhood of the city of Valencia. This canal is one of the three main branches that formed the Séquia de Mislata, which at the same time is a of the eight main canals that make up the Huerta de Valencia.

The excavation, planned by Ferran Esquilache, member of Landscapes of Conquest, was directed by Víctor Algarra, and archaeologists Paloma Berrocal and Bence Kovacs also participated. The works were financed by the research project “The management of the Andalusi agrarian inheritance: modifications and transformations carried out in irrigated espaces after the Christian conquest in the Kingdom of Valencia, 13th-16th Centuries (UJI-A2018-07)“, of the Jaume I University of Castelló, and its main purpose was to date the origin of the canal.

Finally, the conservation conditions of the canal, with an internal concrete work, did not allow dating the first phase of the canal, but it was possible to study the stratigraphy of the canal and the changes produced in the width of the canal over the centuries. .

You can see a summary of the excavation in this video recorded during the Works, with in situ explanations of the Results by the archaeologists portal (in Catalan and Spanish).