kilian_cuerda PhD. Candidate in Medieval History at the UV

Master of Heritage(200?)
BA in History (200?)


Research avenues

  • Hydraulic Archaeology
  • Social organizations of Andalusí landscape

Recent publications

Doctoral Thesis

  • Provisional title : «Arqueologia del Paisatge i Patrimoni Cultural a la Serra Calderona. De les hortes andalusines a l’herència de la societat rural tradicional». // Title in English: «Landscape archaeology and cultural heritage in the Serra Calderona. From the Andalusi irrigated areas (‘hortes’) to the heritage of traditional rural societies».
  • Director: Enric Guinot Rodríguez
  • Resum: This doctoral thesis was carried out within the framework of a cultural heritage study programme. Medieval and landscape archaeology methodologies were followed. The aim was the study of Andalusi landscapes on the southern face of Sierra Calderona, the point of contact between the mountainous region and the plains above the horta of Valencia. This local analysis is taken from a European and Mediterranean perspective, along the lines set out by Barceló, Guichard, Kirchner, Guinot, Malpica and others for the analysis of Andalusi rural society and its landscape management. In this regard, the study and cataloguing of Andalusi rural spaces, mostly dedicated to irrigation, but also including dry land agriculture, is intended. This will be achieved through the analysis of the long term evolution of medieval landscapes and the agricultural infrastructures built by medieval societies, assessing their relationship with the settlement pattern. This will involve the examination of the typically Andalusi tribal colonisation and the processes triggered by the feudal conquest. In addition, the study is also oriented towards the development of tools for the preservation of this important item of cultural heritage, its valorisation as a sustainable economic resource and the activation of cultural resources.